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June, 2022
Web & Mobile Application


A Smart Light Pole by most definitions is a light pole that has intelligent Lighting. Smart street lighting has already replaced the traditional street lights in many smart cities around the globe. The smart pole offers current mobile network providers a solution for increased difficulty to acquire access in congested areas as the conventional poles are unable to swith on or off and light status.

What you need to know about this application development?

Mobile  Application ~ To develop mobile application for Smart pole controle we used Flutter. Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google. It is used to develop cross platform applications for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and the web from a single codebase.

Web Application ~ We used LARAVEL and Mysql, Laravel php framework to create this Web application it is an incredibly powerful tool for web development. Bootstrap,  it’s potent front-end css framework used to create modern websites and It’s open-source and free to use, yet features numerous HTML and CSS templates for UI interface elements such as buttons and forms. Bootstrap also supports JavaScript extensions.


Key Smart Street Light Poles Control Application features

Web Application ~ In this web application we can monitor smart poles lights status voltage alert, voltage, Amp, Neutral and short circuit. 
Mobile Application ~ To control smart poles lights On/Off